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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Wedding Garden...

Book: The Wedding Garden

Author: Linda Goodnight

Pages: 214

Summary: Years ago, Sloan Hawkins ran out of Redemption, and away from his first love, Annie Markham. Now he's back to care for his ailing aunt and her beloved garden. But he's in for a big surprise: Annie's son is his.

Thoughts: I have about a million Love Inspired books. My church librarian passes ALL that she gets on to me, and I've bought a few of my own. I now have about a million to be read. But, they're not all that thought provoking, compared to longer/more in depth novels. Sometimes that's a good thing, but other times I want a little more to chew on. I am determined to get them read though, so I've decided to alternate Love Inspired books with "real" novels...I should probably throw some of the novellas in there too. Because some good old fluff is needed after an exciting suspense novel or a real tear-jerker. About The Wedding Garden...I thought it was good, especially for a "light" read. It did have some depth, and I liked the characters. Not extraordinary, but delightfully ordinary.

Favorite things: There was a really unexpected twist! I was NOT expecting suspense in this one!

Least favorite: I felt like Delaney, Annie's daughter with her ex-husband, was ignored. I know Justin, Sloan's son, was kind of in the spotlight, but I would've liked more moments with Delaney.

The Cover Story: The cover is the reason I caved and bought yet another Love Inspired book (for 50 cents at a yard sale, so I don't feel so bad) that I didn't really need. I've learned to be very very selective about them...if it's about best friends falling in love, I want to read it. Otherwise, there has to be something special about it that piques my interest. For The Wedding Garden, it was the cover. I LOVE the house. It's beautiful! Gosh, if that's all it takes to get me to buy it, maybe I should be even more selective...:)

My favorite quote: Don't have one. The good(?) thing about the Love Inspired books is, I can read them really quickly. That can be good, but I also like to savor a really excellent book. I think that's probably why no particular quote stuck out...I sped by it!

Casting Call: I didn't/don't really have anyone in mind this time.

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