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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Forever...

Author: Deborah Raney

Pages: I returned it to the church library before I checked.

Summary: After five heroic firefighters die, their surviving spouses band together to cope - and to try to resolve the mystery surrounding the fire.

Thoughts: I had a lot of mixed feelings about Almost Forever. I loved that it had to do with firefighters. I love firefighters. They're brave and heroic and if you're lucky, really cute and sweet too. In my mind at least. I would totally marry a sweet, cute firefighter. But...it was SO hard for me to get into it for some reason! It wasn't bad by any means, but it just wasn't something that made me want to forget the rest of the world for a while. Something that bugged me at first was the sentence structure. I know that's weird, and I'm probably being stupid and too picky, but I felt like Raney could have worded something differently, or switched some things around, or left some things out completely. Nothing huge or even plot related, just little things that bugged me. I know, I'm ridiculous.

Favorite things: The firefighting aspect. It did make it exciting, even though the two main characters in this one were only married to the firefighters. I still got to imagine the uniforms. :) Oh and the romance was decent too.

Least favorite: That weird, indescribable sentence quirk I was talking about before, and the fact that I really had no desire to read the rest of the series. I did more so when I finally reached the end (it did get better, even though I was never really hooked) and I even got the second one from the library and started it, but I only got a chapter or two in before I decided that I have too many books on my to read list to be wasting my time on anything where I didn't care how anything turned out. I don't want to be too harsh though, because I don't believe these books deserve it. I think they're decent, even good, books, they just weren't my favorite.

The Cover Story: I think it's actually a pretty neat cover. It's dramatic and pretty, and I like the burnt edge thing. Ah, who am I kidding? I like the firefighter at the bottom.

My favorite quote: Do you really expect me to keep track anymore? I know I should and I really do want to, because I love quotes and I'm sure there are good ones, but I don't. *sigh*

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