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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedded Bliss?

Author: Susan K. Downs, Kristy Dykes, Sally Laity and Carrie Turansky

Pages: 349

Summary: Four stories about couples who have been married for a while, but are facing different struggles.

Thoughts: Why oh why do I keep reading novellas? Probably because they're on my shelf, have pretty covers and they deserve a shot too. Why must I treat book
s fairly? Clearly they are not equals. :P Wedded Bliss was...okay. It wasn't as painful to read as Alabama (a few reviews back), but it wasn't exactly a blast. I'm just a novel, or better yet, a big long series, kind of girl. I justcan't connect with the characters or the storyline in 70-ish pages. It's like I know they'll be leaving soon, so why bother getting attached?

Favorite things: I have to give it one thing - they still gave me a happy ending.

Least favorite: Zero feeling or connection. Not the stories or characters' fault, I just need more time.

The Cover Story: I like that it's uncomplicated, I guess, but it's kinda weird. I get the symbolism or whatever of the crooked wedding cake topper. What I don't get is why the whole thing is tinted green. Huh?

My favorite quote: Um, yeah, about that...none for this book either. Sorry!

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