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Monday, August 15, 2011

His Hometown Girl

Author: Jillian Hart

Pages: 249

Summary: Best friends fall in love. Do you really need to know more? I didn't.

Thoughts: I cannot stop buying books. It's like a real addiction. I have 5 million Love Inspired books that I haven't read, but I can't NOT buy one that I don't have if I see it at a thrift store or something. So I made a rule (and I do TRY to stick to it. I broke it today because the book was only a quarter.), that I will only buy a LI book if it is about best friends falling in love (FAVE THING EVER), babies or someone with a disability finding love. His Hometown girl had the best friends, and even better, they were in a little bitty town. How could I not?

Favorite things: The best friends thing, obviously. I mean, what in the world could be better than falling completely in love with the person who already knows you and loves you, quirks and all? I know you're probably going to become best friends regardless, but I think it makes so much sense, and takes off so much pressure while dating, to be BFF's and let love come oh so naturally. At least that's what I'm hoping for. :)

Least favorite: It is not my real life. So. Not. Fair.

The Cover Story: Eh, it's okay. I think it's kind of older, and it doesn't give me a sense of the story (I was pleasantly surprised at the differences) but it's not that bad. Just doesn't live up to its potential.

My favorite quote: Once again, I don't have one. But it was probably something like "I love you," coming from the cute guy best friend. Someday...

Casting Call:

Actually, His Hometown Girl made me think of Luke and Lorelei from Gilmore Girls, with the whole besties thing, mixed with Melanie and Jake from Sweet Home Alabama, because of the small town thing. As for looks, though I'll go with:

Alona Tal as Karen McKaslin:
A lot younger than what I imagined, but the basic look.

Chris Evans as Zachary Drake:

Chris Evans

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