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Sunday, September 25, 2011

WOF Conference 2011/ DREAM COME TRUE!!!

So, this weekend, my mom and I volunteered at the Women of Faith conference in Charlotte, NC. We worked at a sales booth, and it was so-so. I had to tell people about Karen Kingsbury and Chad Eastham books all day long. I met some average people. Oh, and I also met Karen. No biggie. We got to see all of the conference and overall the weekend was okay, I guess - KIDDING.


It was so much fun! I RAVED about Karen and Chad to anyone who would listen. I asked anyone who had read the Bailey Flanigan series if they preferred Bailey with Cody or Brandon. I only met ONE person on Team Brandon, and a TON on Team Cody. YEAH!!! The people we worked with were so sweet. They let me leave early both night so I could try to meet Karen. We were turned away the first night, but I MET HER ON SATURDAY!!! Oh my goodness, I am still on cloud nine! It was so great!! I also met her daughter, Kelsey, and she was just as awesome as her mom! This is how it went...

(before it was my turn, Kelsey talked to me about another fan. Yeah, yeah, I had to include it.)
Kelsey: Would you mind taking our picture?
Me: Sure!
(Someone else takes the picture instead. Bummer!)

(This is when I met them!!)
Karen: Hi!
Me: Hi! It's SO nice to meet you!
Karen: Thanks so much for coming out!
Me: Thanks for writing!
Karen: What's your first name?
Me: Jordan
**starts signing Remember. I gesture to Let Me Hold you longer and turn to Kelsey)
Me: (to Kelsey) Kelsey, will you sign this one too?
Kelsey: Yeah!
Karen: Did you enjoy the conference?
Me: Yes! It was awesome!
*silence while she's signing LMHYL*
Kelsey: I love your necklace.
Me: Thanks!
Karen: Do you want to get a picture? (They had stopped letting people get a pic AND an autograph, but SHE asked ME!!)
Me: YEAH! Kelsey, will you be in the picture too?
Kelsey: Yeah!
*gets awesome picture (shown below) with Karen and Kelsey)*
Me: Thank you!!!
Karen: *something I didn't hear because Kelsey was bringing us aside for the next fan. Bummer)
Kelsey: Let's step over here. *signs LMHYL*
Me: Thank you!

The End. They were so stinkin' sweet and friendly and not at all impatient, proud or rushed. Gah, I loved it! It was an odd experience too, though, because I felt like I already knew them. It was like seeing a friend for the first time in a (long) while. And I had to practice saying "Kelsey" in my head beforehand so I didn't accidentally call her Bailey! I totally understand when Karen says she has/will have trouble keeping her reality and fiction separated. Her characters ARE friends!

I so wish I knew them as "real" friends. I would love to just hang out with them, have coffee and talk. :)

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