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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miracles (A 52-Week Devotional)

Oddly enough, this is not the book I said that I was working on in the previous post. I just wanted an "easy read" that I could get through quickly and check of my list. Today I cut my goal of 100 books down to 50. Some/most people on the blogs that I follow and websites I look at, who are doing the same goal (100), are on about book 40. Miracles is book 7 for me. Yeeaaaah. 50 seems a whole lot more do-able. Who knows, I could make to to 50 and keep going to 100 after all! We'll see. For now, here is my review of number 7.

Book: Miracles (A 52-Week Devotional)

Author: 52 witnesses of a miracle. Put together by Karen Kingsbury.

Pages: 223

Summary: I bought Miracles at the end of last year, thinking it would be a great devotional book for 2011. While it does have Bible verses throughout, it's not really that kind of devo book...at least not for me. It's a little like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, which I've always liked - a collection of short stories of miraculous...miracles.

Thoughts: Although it wasn't what I expected, I loved it. Even if I wasn't trying to just cross off one more book, I would've read it straight through. I was too hooked to just read one a week for the year. Every single story gave me chills or made me tear up. I mean, how awesome is God? So awesome. I loved that there were so many adoption stories, because I know how dear that is to Karen. I can just see her in my mind, being so touched by the stories as she put the book together.

Favorite things: I liked the adoption stories best, I think.

Least favorite: How can I choose a least favorite thing about a book of real-life miracles?

The cover story: I love the simplicity of its beauty. I really like the shade of blue of the single flower, and the crisp white writing of the title and Karen's name. It's eye-catching without taking away from the greatness that is inside...does that make sense? What you see is what you get. "Simple", beautiful stories

My Favorite Quote: Don't have one this time...

Casting Call: Can't really cast this one either.

My final say: A powerful book about the works of a powerful God. I recommend it, for sure!

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